Why You Should Buy Your Mom an iPad for a Mother’s Day Gift

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Mom My grandmother has an iPhone. My mother has an iPad. I used to think that they were in a rare demographic of technology users. But not any longer.

A study that was recently released from Baby Center and Neilsen has determined that moms are not just using pen and paper these days. They are using embracing smartphones, tablets, online videos, and much more.

From Ad Week:

The study, comprised of in-home interviews with over 2,500 surveyed mothers, shows an increased rate of smartphone adoption with 65 percent of moms navigating their busy lives on the mobile Web.

There appears to be no exceptions to the mom-early-adoption trends either, as mothers are 38 percent more likely to own an Internet TV device and 28 percent more likely to own a tablet.

So, are you looking for a Mother’s Day gift? Forget the flowers. Mom needs a new iPad.

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