How to Turn Your Computer Screen Right Side Up After It Gets Turned Sideways or Upside Down [FAQ]

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We’re used to seeing odd things happen with technology, but the other day, we had a really random occurrence in DP land.

Melanie’s cat flipped her computer screen sideways.

Yep. In our case, instead of the dog eating our homework, it was a cat who stepped on Windows. Literally.

Melanie was working when her cat decided to join her, and hit the “perfect” combination of keystrokes and flipped the screen sideways.

Sideways Screen

Fortunately, this is a quick fix. So here’s how to do it, in case your cat ever flips your screen!

Press CTRL, ALT, and the Down Arrow keys simultaneously if your screen is completely upside down. If it’s just sideways, press the arrow in the direction you wish to turn the screen.

Depending on your computer, you might have to try pressing the keys all at once, or press CTRL, hold it down, then add ALT, hold it down too, and then hit the arrow button.

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