5 Things You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization

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5 Things You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are constantly evolving, as are search engines’ algorithms. Making sure your WordPress site maintains a competitive search ranking is something you can do through these five easy steps:
5 Things You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization

1. Review your site at least regularly, preferably monthly.

Making sure your site’s theme and plugins are in sync with the most current search algorithms is something you should dedicate time and energy to on a regular basis. We offer monthly maintenance plans at DuoParadigms, providing expert eyes to assess your site from this perspective, making sure the site is up to date for both mobile and desktop search.

2. Make sure your images are optimized.

Every image on your site should have its “Alt Text” field filled in with a keyword or phrase relevant to the image’s content and/or the post in which it appears. Visit the Media library on your site to check out and clean up your archives.

3. Connect your social media accounts to your website.

If you aren’t already using JetPack, that might be the easiest plugin to add/activate to connect your site to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Displaying links to your social profiles (as well as adding the URL for your website to each of them) helps with SEO.

4. Talk to your web host about getting an SSL Certificate.

Unless you’re processing confidential information on your site (like credit card numbers or identity details), the most basic certificate may be all you need. Google is increasingly biasing their search results in favor of “secure” sites that have these, so it’s worth pursuing. We can get you set-up quickly with a SSL certificate for only $100.00 yearly.

5. Install and use Yoast’s SEO Plugin.

Yoast’s SEO plugin just takes a couple of minutes to install, it’s free and it will give your SEO efforts a “turbo boost.” After installation, each new blog post will have a box under it where you can identify your primary keyword or phrase, edit the meta description for the post and receive real-time feedback on where your post could be better optimized for search.

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