Every blogger dreams of that moment when their blog post spreads like
wildfire across the Internet.

But that dream could turn into a nightmare if you aren’t prepared for it.

What to Do Before Your Blog Goes Viral: A Guide for Bloggers Who Are Ready to Go Big is a new e-book full of tips and wisdom for the up-and-coming blogger.

From behind-the-scenes design and hosting, to advertising, commenting policies, and social media, Aaress Lawless will walk you through the steps you need to take before your blog goes viral.
A viral post can mean new readers, lots of comments, and extra income. But without the proper preparation, your blog will not be able to handle the traffic a viral post can produce.
The result: comment overload, loss of income, long download times, or even a total site crash.


If you are a beginner blogger trying to build an audience, or a successful blogger ready to go big, you owe it to yourself to read this e-book NOW, before your blog traffic skyrockets.

What to Do Before Your Blog Goes Viral will help you find and keep readers, design a user-friendly platform, and earn more money. Most importantly, it will prepare you for a smooth transition into the world of high-traffic, popular blogs.

What You Will Learn from What to Do Before Your Blog Goes Viral

Chapter 1: Your Blog covers the basics of building your blog’s platform, including registering your domain name, creating a top-notch design, and tracking your blog’s analytics. In addition, you will learn the fundamentals of blog security, including how to design a back-up plan and how to write a commenting policy. Lastly, chapter 1 touches on the basics of Search Engine Optimization as it relates to your blog’s permalinks.
Chapter 2: Your Hosting covers the importance of finding the perfect web hosting site, specifically finding a hosting company that will allow you to grow without being penalized. This chapter will help you ask the right questions of potential web hosts so you can find one that’s perfect for you and your growing blog.
Chapter 3: Your Advertising will walk you through the basic principles of blog advertising, including how to make money on your blog through advertising, and still keep your readers happy.
Chapter 4: Your Social Media and Email covers the basics of the most popular social media sites, and how to navigate among them. Social media is an important and sometimes overlooked tool for bloggers, and it needs to be integrated into your blog now. This chapter helps you decide where to get started.

Don’t go viral without being prepared.

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