Our Vision

The WHY behind what we do.

Any professional graphic designer can design you a new set of business cards. Every web developer worth his salt knows how to do the famous 5-minute WordPress install. But what separates DuoParadigms from many design and PR firms is the WHY behind what we do.

Our mission statement at DuoParadigms is simple:

Our job is to provide effective communication using the tools of design and public relations. Our passion in life is to serve God and His children. Merge these TWO—and you get DuoParadigms.

For some a job is just a means to putting food on the table. But for DuoParadigms, a job is much more. It is an opportunity to serve God by serving His children.

At DuoParadigms, we embrace your dream and help give a voice to that dream through design and public relations.

Our work has taken us around the world to help people from all walks of life.

Like a homeschool mom who crafted a dual credit plan for her kids that would cost less time and money. They graduated from high school and completed higher degrees in law, business, and nursing before they each turned 25. Now she helps other families pursue their education dreams.

Or a Nashville couple with a huge heart for Asia and a dream to build a community of hope in impoverished Thailand.

And then there were the two photographers who met by shooting someone else’s wedding —– only to fall in love and commit their lives to making (and capturing) special memories together.

Or the team from a Florida church who were passionate about sparing the life of a Christian woman on death row in Iran.

And we certainly cannot forget a special new mom with a dream to bring joy and laughter to some of the most heartbreaking places in Houston — children’s hospitals.

These are just a few examples of some of the real people we are proud to call our clients.

But much more importantly, these are people we are honored to call our friends as we serve God together.

If all you want is a business card, Vistaprint is almost always running a sale. But if you want help changing the world with your God-given passions and ideas, give us a call.

We cannot wait to join God’s work with you.