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This Marketing Book Will Make You Smile

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The marketing tide has turned.

Most people who keep up with current business trends are well aware that a new marketing era has been swiftly ushered in on the tide of the digital revolution. marketing tips

Consumer expectations have changed dramatically, and this transition necessitates a new look into marketing strategies.

But what to do about this dramatic paradigm shift?

If you’re like me, you can easily become  overwhelmed as you struggle to stay abreast of the ever-changing trends!

You may ask “Where can one find excellent marketing tips in a distilled, easy-to-digest format?”

This question was also on my mind, and the answer eluded me. So, when I began reading Michael Hyatt’s book “Platform,” my anticipation was measured.

Would this book join the others gathering metaphorical dust on my Kindle library shelf?

Cue my amazement when, after blazing through the first few introductory paragraphs, I was hooked!

After finishing the book in record time, I could hardly contain my excitement. I immediately resolved to make Platform my go-to guide for building my own platform.

“Wow, that’s pretty dramatic.”, you say. Yes, I agree!

I will run you through the main sections of Platform and introduce you to the content that won me over with its simplistic and direct marketing advice.

The book Platform is built on the premise that every individual, company or organization has a platform that is the foundation and source of its success. marketing tips

The world’s a stage,” Michael cleverly quotes Shakespeare in the introduction.

The book is divided into five compelling sections, each outlining a specific step to the equation:

1. “Part One: Start With Wow” (Pg. 3)

The first section shares how to maximize your product’s “wow” factor.

This is important because, as Michael points out, if your product does not inspire or excite you, it won’t inspire or excite the general public.

2. “Part Two: Prepare to Launch” (Pg. 33)

In this section, Michael tackles common marketing obstacles that will keep you from achieving your goals. He inspires readers to document their aspirations and to “think big!”

3. “Part Three: Build Your Home Base” (Pg. 69)

Michael discusses the importance of having a:

– “Home base” (a website or blog)

– “Embassies” (social media platforms and other places to engage in conversation)

– “Outposts” (places where you can listen to the public and monitor what is being said about you or your brand)

4. “Part Four: Expand Your Reach” (Pg. 127) marketing tips

This section contains strategic advice about how to grow your base and multiply your influence using blogging, email and social media platforms.

Michael emphasizes serving and shares about one of the best marketing tips: giving away stuff to your followers!

5. “Part Five: Engage Your Tribe” (Pg. 192)

In this final section, Michael describes the importance of listening to and communicating with your followers.

He shares how to wisely join the conversation, and how to leverage interaction for more involvement.

If you stopped reading after point number one, I hope it was only because you couldn’t wait any longer to jump on Amazon and click “Add to Cart” next to Michael’s book.

If you’re not smiling from relief already, dive into Part One of Platform and you’ll be grinning like a Cheshire cat in no time. Who thought marketing could be this easy?

Whether your platform is in the blueprint phase or a few nails away from completion, Platform” will give you the boost you need to launch your brand far beyond your wildest dreams.

Happy building, friends!

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