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How to Take Your Writing from Good to Great

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“Compliments are Free”
In the online world–that has so much negativity–shouldn’t we be handing out as much positivity as possible?

“The 3-Step Keyword Research Formula To Cast A Tsunami Of Search Traffic On Your Blog”
Keywords are crucial to your blog’s performance. But where to start? This 3-step formula will give you the help you need to tackle keywords.

“One Skill that Will Take Your Writing from Good to Great”
Do you seem to be hitting a brick wall with your writing? Are you able to write decent content, but find yourself bored by your own writing? Here’s how you can find that golden thread in your content.

“What Does Spiritual Growth Actually Look Like?”
It goes without saying that we all have blind spots. But what if we think we are growing more than we actually are? Here’s how you can discern spiritual growth in your own life.

A Florida native and Nashville transplant, Sarah Fechtel brings sunshine and pizazz to the DuoParadigms team. Copywriting, curating content and strategizing ways to bring our clients success are her areas of expertise, and if she is asked how she doesn’t go crazy as a jack-of-all-marketing-trades, she just might reply “Oh, that would make a great headline!”

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