Mason Jar Wall Planter Herb Garden [Weekend DIY Project]

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I discovered something new last year about gardening. When you mix frequent travel, a drought, raccoons, possums, armadillos, and skunks together with a vegetable garden, you normally don’t get a bumper crop.

In my case, I probably would have settled for even a mediocre crop. Instead, I got a handful of tomatoes and a couple of tiny bell peppers for all my months of trouble.

So this year, I gave up on the vegetable plants and bought a few things that critters don’t enjoy eating . . . like lilies and a hydrangea.

Though, I might just try my hand at a different type of gardening. Indoor herb gardening on a wall!

This weekend’s DIY share from Not Just a House Wife is simply brilliant. Imagine having a fresh herb garden always in your kitchen, just waiting for you to use!

Mason Jar Wall Planter Herb Garden

Have a great weekend!

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