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On-The-Road Assistance

By November 15, 2011April 25th, 2012One Comment

Did you know that DuoParadigms has “On-the-Road Assistance*?”

Last week I was in Nashville, and then Cleveland, Tennessee for a Pure in Heart Conference. This was my 6th conference to help teach at, and it’s an amazing ministry. I really love seeing the hearts of these little girls and their moms encouraged and their relationships strengthened in the Lord! Besides teaching a class of nine and ten year olds, I often end up doing randomish things while I’m there. This time was no exception! I helped troubleshoot PowerPoint issues, led four girls in a music piece that included glow-in-the-dark gloves, and made a poster that said, “God Save the Queen!”

One of the things that happened was totally a God-thing and really demonstrated some amazing brains and flexibility on Aaress’s part. One of our PIH speakers canceled because of illness at the last minute. We prayed with our sick friend on the phone and then jumped in the car to head for Cleveland from Nashville. As we were talking about what to do with the open session space, we had an idea to do a Question & Answer session for the moms. While talking about how best to do this, I remembered that Aaress and I had talked about setting up a number for conference participants to text with questions. I googled the concept but didn’t come up with anything. HOWEVER, I knew that Aaress always had great solutions for techy issues so I chatted her our thoughts, and within half an hour we had a number set up! All of this happened while we were driving!!

I’m so grateful to work with someone who is so giving with time and energy to help make a conference hundreds of miles away successful! Thanks Aaress!!

(Disclaimer: “On-the-Road Assistance” is not thus far a service of DuoParadigms Public Relations & Design, Inc.)

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