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Road Trip Pillowcase [Weekend DIY Project]

By May 11, 2012No Comments

I’m terrible when it comes to forgetting things when I travel. I normally spend part of the travel time, whether in the car or on a plane, trying to remember what I’ve inevitably forgotten. I rarely leave the same thing twice, so it’s always **fun** to figure out what I’ve left behind by accident once I unpack.

However, there’s one thing I never forget. . . my pillow.

I adore my pillow. It’s a well-used, well-worn, beloved memory foam pillow. We’re attached. At the head. Almost literally.

Because it’s memory foam, it is quite portable and can be squeezed into my carry-on when I fly. It’s easy. It’s convenient. And, ahem, it can be dangerous.

Like the time it “exploded” out at the TSA at the airport. (That was their word choice, not mine. Guess I forgot to warn them when they were rooting around, confiscating my can of buttercream frosting. But that’s another story.)

Where was I? Oh yes, the pillow.

Because I never leave home without it, my pillow is often my final line of defense against forgetting possessions. It’s been home to lots of odds and ends, things I’ve shoved in at the last minute.

So when I saw this adorable pillowcase idea from Amazing Mae, I knew this would be perfect for me to share with our readers as a weekend DIY project! I love the big initial!

Road Trip Pillowcase

Take some time to make one for a special child in your life.

Or for that absent-minded friend who needs extra pockets on her pillow just so she can shove in her last minute stuff!

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