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How I got the nickname Graffiti Girl . . .

By May 22, 2012May 23rd, 2012One Comment

Once upon a time in the middle of the day, Aaress had some car window paint lying around. This was her first mistake. I swiped it when she wasn’t looking (this was her second mistake) and before she knew it I had decorated the mirror, and next the window. Now, Aaress and her family like to keep their house stocked with window paint, and when I come over they are sure to inform me when they are ready for a fresh look! Sometimes it’s decorated for birthdays, sometimes it’s just happy. Once their family had a guest over who said, “Um…did you know there is graffiti on your mirror?” Thus, “Graffiti Girl” has been added to my list of nicknames.

Somehow holding window paint in my hand and looking at a blank window takes me back to my childhood and the excitement of opening a new box of crayons and the first page of a new coloring book. **Sigh of Happiness** Another thing I like about windows and window paint is that it’s ERASABLE! All I need is window cleaner and paper towels to make my canvas ready to decorate again. Windows, mirrors—any kind of glass works great.

Here’s the most recent adventure with the window paint, inspired by Psalm 37:7. The pink is a new color!


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