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We Love Sprinkles . . . and Sprinkle Cakes

By May 24, 2012September 7th, 20132 Comments

Melanie, Alison, and I see eye-to-eye on a lot of different things, especially when it comes to loving our Lord and serving Him through our work. But when it comes to food likes and dislikes, well, that can sometimes be a completely different story.

Alison, it would seem, has a serious aversion to squash. While I can understand that as I’ve never been partial to the slimy little veggies, Melanie likes squash. On the other hand, Melanie has an immense dislike for cilantro*, one of my FAVORITE herbs.

As for me, well, Melanie raises her eyebrows when I say I’m not a picky eater, but to my defense, I am allergic to a lot of foods. And one never knows when one might develop an allergy to things like avocados, raisins, and bananas. So, in theory, it is best to just avoid items I don’t like as to not make the list grow any longer.

But there’s one thing that all three of us share a common foodie bond over—rainbow sprinkles.

I was so excited to discover that Alison was a sprinkle kindred spirit. Not that I needed any further proof that she was perfect for our team, but that reinforced it! I already had fond memories revolving around sprinkles with Melanie, from trips to the store for pints of ice cream, sorbet, and sprinkles, to eating fistfuls of sprinkles while working just because.

So when I saw this cake on Alison’s Pinterest, I just HAD to repin it to DP’s account. I instantly thought of Melanie and made a mental note to show it to her. But sadly, I forgot all about it. . . until yesterday.

I was sitting in my recliner, enjoying a quiet evening when all of a sudden, Melanie popped up on chat with an “ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Bracing myself to hear about a crisis of epic proportions, I was happily relieved to discover that she had stumbled onto the sprinkle cake on her own and was “totally in like.” (That’s Melanie’s much more mature response to being wowed, compared to me falling “totally in love” with random objects on a near daily basis, whether it’s a new app, Eddie Bauer shirt, or a brand of sweet potato tortilla chips.)

Needless to say, Melanie and I agree that it would make a stellar wedding cake, complete with a coconut cake filling.

In the meanwhile, I think we need to practice decorating and sampling so we’ll have the cake picture perfect for that big day.

Now, where did I put that jar of sprinkles . . .

(original source and image credit: Jessica Hardy)

*Editor’s Note: Since this was posted, Melanie informs me that she’s “grown back into” cilantro. In other words, she doesn’t dislike it any more, but doesn’t exactly love it either. I’m convinced, however, that she’ll come around sooner or later!

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