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7 Helpful Tips to Consider Before Booking a Venue for Your Wedding

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Planning your wedding can be an overwhelming task, and one of the most important details to decide on is your venue. Before booking a church or another type of venue for your wedding, make sure you consider these seven important details.

Is the venue large enough for all of my guests and party plans?

Will you have to scale down your party because of a lack of room? Will your guest list need to be cut down? Don’t book first and ask this question later, because it might force you to make some major concessions later down the road.

Are there limitations on decorating that is permitted in the venue?

Some venues, especially churches, are sticklers when it comes to decorating. Some will allow you to bring in outside decorations, while others may limit you to only outside flowers. If you have your heart set on a particular decorating scheme, make sure that the venue will permit your plan.

Is it the right ambiance for your wedding?

If you have always dreamed about a beachside wedding, a venue right in the heart of a major city is probably not the right ambiance. Match your venue to your desired ambiance….and not vice versa.

Will your guests be comfortable at this venue?

Resist the urge to book a cheaper venue which accommodates 300 people and invite 500 people to your reception. Plan to have ample space for your guests and make their comfort a priority.

What is the cost compared to other venues? Is one a better value overall?

Unless you have your heart set on a particular venue, shop around and do some comparison hunting. Book one that best meets your criteria and your budget.

Are there electricity hook-ups available, or do you have to provide that?

This is a crucial element to consider for an outdoor wedding. If the venue does not provide electricity, you might have to pick up the additional costs of one or more generators to power your sound, lights, and other electrical items.

Is this venue a good place for wedding photos, or will it clash with my desired wedding theme?

Ugly venues make for ugly wedding photos. If you want to cherish your photos through your 50th wedding anniversary, ensure that the surroundings match your intended theme. You don’t want to look back on your wedding and wish that you had booked a different venue.

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