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How to Design a Captivating Infographic for Your Non-Profit Ministry

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Do you have an idea or a list of statistics that would make a great infographic, but you don’t know where to start? Designing a captivating infographic doesn’t need to be a hassle. Check out this list of eight tips to make the process easy and fun!

1. Use professional tools. If necessary, hire a graphic designer.
Don’t try to design an infographic in Paint or PowerPoint. For the best results, use professional tools like inDesign or Photoshop. If software like that is outside of your budget or skill set, consider hiring a professional to create a custom design for you! Here at DuoParadigms, we would be happy to give you a quote for your project and best of all, if you mention this post, you can receive a 10% off discount!

2. Stay simple. You don’t want too much information in one picture.
Don’t include all the data possible for your graphic, just the most relevant information. You don’t want your design to appear too cluttered.

3. Always double check your information for accuracy!
Be certain that your statistics and data are accurate. Double-check your numbers and look for any typographical or grammatical errors.

4. Remember to list sources at the bottom of the graphic.
Give credit to whom credit is due. Always list where you obtained the data that is being displayed.

5. Use an appealing color scheme.
You want your design to be eye-catching, so pick a color scheme that will draw viewers to the data. Bright colors work well for infographics.

6. Stick with common graphics — pie charts, Venn diagrams, etc.
If you are displaying numbers, use traditional graphing methods. This will eliminate viewer confusion and make your infographic easy to read.

7. Try several drafts before you publish the final version.
Play around with a few different versions of your infographic. Remember, your goal is to make your data appealing and eye-catching.

8. Test your graphic with an experiment group before publishing.
Before releasing your infographic to the world, encourage critical feedback from your friends, colleagues, family members, or a test group from your targeted audience.

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