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Why You Should Be Using Google Apps to Host Your Website’s Email Accounts

By July 10, 20122 Comments

Google pitches its apps service for website owners who want to use the latest technology to facilitate communication and organization. Mail service is just one of the features available, and you can set it up for your entire company to use.

Not only will you get custom email addresses at, but you will also get access to a complete suite of company branded services, including Calendar, Docs, Chat, and more!

But if that is not enough to convince you, here are four more reasons why you should be using Google Apps.

1. Google backs up your data on their servers, so emails are saved securely remotely.

2. Content syncs on multiple devices, including Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices, so you can check your email anywhere on your mobile phone.

3. Google Apps has a familiar Gmail-like design interface, so if you have a personal Gmail account, you won’t have to worry about a learning curve or training time.

4. Google Apps is free for personal, small business, and small ministry use. If you need more than 10 custom users, the prices are competitive and economical.

Need help getting started with Google Apps? Contact DuoParadigms today for information about our Getting Started with Google Apps package!


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