Clueless about the Cloud? You’re Not the Only One

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Cloud computing is one of the top buzzwords of the year, but how many people really understand what it means? A recent study says that when it comes to the concept of the cloud, many people are clueless:

In August, Wakefield Research surveyed 1,000 adults, most of whom were Millennials–presumably one of most tech-savvy generations. Sixty-eight percent of respondents believe that the cloud offers some economic benefit, such as helping consumers spend less and boosting engagement between customers and businesses.

But the rest of the survey responses suggest they don’t even understand the buzzword: Twenty-two percent admitted to lying (mostly in the workplace) about knowing what the cloud was and over half of those surveyed (51%) believe that stormy weather interferes with the cloud. Nearly 95% of the respondents said they don’t use the cloud, but most of them do–and quite often.

The cloud powers a large portion of what we do daily online, such as social media, Netflix, online banking, and much more. So even though you might not understand it, you are actually using it.

(Article source: Oops: Most Americans Say ‘The Cloud’ Refers to Weather; image source: mansikka)

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