Four Marketing Lessons from the Humble Milk Carton

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When it comes to marketing, the humble milk carton is a success story.

Growing up, I was a label reader. I’d sit at the table and read every label in sight. Ketchup, cereal, butter, you name it, I read it. I saw examples of mediocre design—-and very good design.

When it comes to the milk carton, it has a readership that probably rivals some newspapers. So what marketing lessons can be learned from such a simple, yet practical product?

1. Originality

Be daring. Stand out from the pack and design something that’s original and eye-catching.

credit: Julien De Repentigny & Gabriel Lefebvre

2. Color

Think outside the box, quite literally, when it comes to your product’s color scheme. This kid-friendly design is sure to capture your little one’s attention and make breakfast more fun.

credit: Simply Creating

3. Classic Appeal

While color is important, class is equally as important. This trendy milk jar branding is a throwback to the days when milkmen still delivered.

credit: The DieLine

4. Informative
If eyeballs are going to read your design, give them something worth reading. This innovative milk carton is actually an infographic.

credit: Audree Lapierre

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