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10 Fabulous Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

By October 21, 2013May 26th, 2015No Comments

Instagram can be a lot of fun, but it is also a great tool to help promote your brand or business! With just the right blend of work and play images, you can entertain and educate your followers and gain a larger audience for your business. Here are 10 great ways you can boost your Instagram followers.


1. Follow Others

What is the best way to make good friends? Be a good friend! When it comes to Instagram, the top way to get followers is to follow others; most users will follow you right back!

2. Comment

Yes, liking is so easy on Instagram. Just double tap and the world now knows that that picture has your stamp of approval. But, liking is not enough! Commenting is a fantastic way to build your followers. Just saying “nice!” or “yummy!” won’t cut it though. Make your comments meaningful and personal.

3. Just Ask!

That’s right, sometimes all it takes is asking. Invite your Facebook friends, your email contacts, your next-door neighbor, or your next-door neightbor’s dog! Instagram makes it super easy by allowing you to find and invite friends in your settings.

4. This one is rather obvious, but, post GOOD pictures!

So what is a good picture on Instagram? Besides a picture that is good quality, pictures that show human emotions will get more likes than a well taken picture of your feet.

5. Link with Your Facebook Account

You can link your Instagram account with your Facebook account so that your pictures are visible to your Facebook friends or fans.

6. Use Relevant Hashtags

It is recommended that you don’t use more than three hashtags to a picture and that they have something to do with the picture that you are posting. And, please don’t hashtag every word in your post. That’s just hard to read and doesn’t really help anything.

7. Timing

Yes, timing is important on Instagram. Most Instagram pictures have a shelf life of three to four hours, after that, not many people will see them. So, if you post your awesome picture of what you are doing at two in the morning, at two in the morning, no one will see it. And you should go to bed.

8. Tell people what to do.

Some people just have to be told what to do! Captioning photos with things like “double-tap if this made you laugh” or asking for captions to funny pictures will boost your likes and comments and thus boost your followers!

9. Use Collage Making Apps

People like pictures that tell stories, and one of the best ways to do that is to combine multiple pictures. (But don’t use too many images because then they are too small to see.)

10. Post Lots of Pictures

If you are on Instagram once a week, you won’t have many followers. Post a picture at least once a day.

Want to see these tips in action? Follow us on Instagram at @DuoParadigms as we practice these tips to get more followers for DuoParadigms!

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