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17 Beautiful Non-Profit Website Designs

By November 21, 2013January 21st, 2014No Comments

Good website design is critical for any business or organization. Visitors often decide within 10 seconds whether to remain on your site or leave in pursuit of something more compelling.

The best websites download quickly, are simple to navigate, uncluttered and easy to read. The best non-profit websites cover the common website design basics and more.

It takes skill and experience to design a compelling non-profit website. Effective non-profit websites clearly state the purpose of the organization. Fonts, colors and images reflect the content and mission. The donation process is uncomplicated.

Profiles of key personnel and contact information encourage news media, bloggers and social media outlets to contact the non-profit organization. Volunteering is encouraged and easy to do on the website.

Here is a look at seventeen beautifully designed non-profit websites: – Join the Fight Against Extreme Poverty

one – Mid Cities Pregnancy Center Friends – Invisible Children Exists to Bring a Permanent End to LRA Atrocities – The Longest Journey a Man Must Take is the Eighteen Inches from His Head to His Heart – Because a Family’s Love is Good Medicine – Support Through Sport, Community and Education – 100 Years of Non-renewable Energy Disasters and Counting – Expressing the Compassion of God to “The Least of These” Around the World (Designed by DuoParadigms) – On a Mission to Bring Clean and Safe Drinking Water to Every Person on the Planet. Join Us. – Ambassadors are World-Changers – Overcoming the HIV/AIDS and Water Crises in Africa. Together. (Designed by DuoParadigms)

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