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Pinterest has helped with so many ideas for so many things, but there is one thing that Pinterest does that I don’t like.

It proliferates the same ideas over and over again.

Here are a few wedding ideas that seem to spawn from Pinterest that have just been extremely overdone, or just shouldn’t be done in the first place.

Mason Jars

What are you trying to say? That you really meant to do a lot of canning, but never got around to it? Or that you spent an enormous amount of time buying up wholesale lots of mason jars on eBay?

Candy Bars

Yes, they are beautiful – bright, fun, colorful candy overflowing from apothecary jars – but, unless you are looking to cause a sugar high among all the children at your wedding and make every parent your enemy, you might want to opt for some other form of dessert. Besides, this idea has been done over and over and over again.


“Welcome to Our Wedding” stenciled onto brown paper or burlap triangles hanging from twine. Throw a little lace in there and its perfect. Perfect for what? I don’t know, but I know that you have seen it a million times on Pinterest.


If your rings aren’t from Tiffany, then don’t try and pretend like they are. The color tiffany blue is beautiful, but, if you are planning on giving favors in little blue boxes tied with white ribbon (unless the favors are jewelry – from Tiffany), forget it.

Anything Over-the-Top in One Color

This would be purple tablecloths, purple chair covers, purple flowers, purple bridesmaid dresses, “Ooh, can we put the groomsmen in purple suits? No? Ok, fine. Purple vests!”


If you are trying so hard to get out of your abusive parent’s house, that you take the first guy that comes along, then yeah, pumpkin shaped coaches, glass slippers, and sparkly blue everything is just fine.


I hate to crush your dreams, but, unless your dad or future father-in-law happens to rule a kingdom of some sort, you can’t be a princess. So, please don’t try to rent the crown jewels, or spend them on your wedding dress.



Unless you are from Japan, the paper lanterns, cherry blossoms, and little origami cranes need to fly away.


If it’s been done once, it has been overdone. You’re not getting married at Comic Con. And if you are, you need to seriously re-think your life.


If you get married in Hawaii, then you are allowed to do this. Otherwise, let the grass skirts and kahlua pigs remain in that island paradise.

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