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Swamped with work and wish you had a couple of extra minutes each day? Here are a few great ways to make your day more productive and save time too!


1. Plan Ahead.

Yes, sometimes it can be that easy! Plan what you will do the night before and you will be surprised to see how much time you can save.

2. Delegate

If you have someone else who can do it, let them. Assign the things that you are good at to yourself and let others do the jobs that they are good at!

3. Use the Camera on Your Phone

Take pictures of notes or lists instead of copying them by hand. You can even set the picture as your lock screen to remind yourself to do them!

4. Clean Up Your Address Book and Contact List

Take the time to clean up your contacts so that you can avoid sending emails to personal addresses instead of work addresses or texting Aunt Millie instead of co-worker Millie.

5. Use One Calendar

It’s tempting to have a calendar for your personal stuff and your business stuff, but if you can consolidate it all into one calendar, it will help you avoid double-booking yourself. (Your smart phone can most likely do this for you!)

6. Watch Yourself

Everyone has their personal traits that waste time. For me it was a bad habit of checking my Facebook every few hours. I deleted the app off of my phone when I realized how much time I was spending there! (I still have a Facebook account, I just have to log-on on my computer to see it.) Watch yourself and see what your biggest time waster is, then do what it takes to fix it!

7. Workout

Doing a 45 minute cardio workout two or three times a week will boost your energy and your productivity!

8. Get to Know Your Gadgets

Learn your phone, your computer, or tablet. Take a class or research online to learn the shortcuts and apps that will help you with your business!

9. Just Call

It can be easy sometimes to send a quick text, and sometimes that is the best way. However, when that text turns into a 15 minute texting conversation, a two minute phone call would have been a much better option.

10. Learn to Say No

Yep! No explanation needed.

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