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I recently shared a photo to my Facebook page, of a manger filled with straw and the phrase: “one unplanned pregnancy saved us all;” referencing Mary and baby Jesus, and how that one unplanned pregnancy did save us all.

However, it was actually not an unplanned pregnancy.

For Mary, it sure was, but to God, this had been planned a very long time ago.

So, is there really such a thing as an unplanned pregnancy? For the moms and dads, yes. But to God, who knows all and sees all, who holds the future in His hands, there are no surprises OR mistakes. We believe that God not only gives life, but sustains life and carefully plans for each and every life. What a great God we serve, who knows us all individually.

We know that in today’s world, not everyone holds the same viewpoint of life being created by God; a life precious beyond all measures and of value. DuoParadigms is honored to work with the ministry of the Center for Pregnancy. You can learn more about this great mission below in our special interview with Jonelle Fields, Executive Director of the Center for Pregnancy.

Center for Pregnancy
Marybeth: Could you explain Center for Pregnancy in your own words? Perhaps, the heart behind what you do or the company’s goals?
Jonelle: “The Center for Pregnancy is a resource center that empowers women by offering assistance and education throughout their pregnancy. The Center exists to serve moms and their families by sharing Christ’s love and compassion. We want to be a tangible support to each person who comes to us for help. As it says in James Chapter 2, ‘faith without works is dead.’ We want to show how lives can be changed by faith, in conjunction with physical assistance.”

Marybeth: How did you become a part of Center for Pregnancy?
Jonelle: “I first started out as a volunteer at the Center before becoming a part-time employee, then I became the full-time director. I had a heart for pro-life ministry for years, but had not planned to work in it full-time. God had other plans for me as He opened one door after another, and showed me that this is where He wanted me to be!”

Marybeth: Has there been a defining moment in your career, or an “ah ha” type moment that made you think: ‘THIS is why I do what I do’?
Jonelle: “Those defining “ah ha” moments come every time we see that we have been used to make a difference in a mother’s life. When we hear a mother say that she has hope for her future, when we see a child born who would have otherwise been aborted, when we watch parents have “lightbulb” moments learning how to raise a family, and when we see clients come to faith in Christ, that is what makes our job worthwhile!”

Marybeth: What are some Center for Pregnancy dreams for the future?
Jonelle: “We want to continue finding new ways to serve our clients in the future. We hope to expand our fatherhood program as well as offer more class options for our clients such as GED classes and ESL classes. The Center is successful in ministry because of our partnerships with area churches. In the future, we would like to continue to grow our partnerships with local churches. We envision having additional parenting mentorship programs offered through churches which clients can participate in after their time at the Center for Pregnancy has finished.”

Marybeth: What would an average day at Center for Pregnancy look like?
Jonelle: “Each day the Center for Pregnancy sees clients come in for different kinds of assistance. Clients come in for pregnancy tests, parenting classes, or to exchange the “Baby Bucks” they earn in our parenting classes for diapers and other baby or maternity items from the “Boutique” in the Center. Some days at the Center are very busy with many clients coming in, and other days are quieter. The staff and volunteer client advocates work to keep the Center clean and running smoothly. Working with clients, cleaning, sorting donations, organizing the boutique, folding and stuffing newsletters, making “mommy bags” to give clients, highlighting verses in the Bibles we hand out, answering phones, finding community resources for a mom in need, or just calling clients to see how they are doing – there is always work to be done at the Center!”

Marybeth: How has DuoParadigms helped Center for Pregnancy share their message?
Jonelle: “We had been trying to update the Center’s website and online presence for two or three years before we started working with DuoParadigms. Our website was extremely outdated and we did not know how to best utilise our social media accounts to reach clients. We are a small Center and did not have a full-time marketing/development staff member, which made it difficult to make sure that our website was professional and that it was reaching the clients who needed our services. When we started working with DuoParadigms they took the stress out of developing the website. They made sure that they understood the message we were trying to get across to our clients, and then put it together in a polished, professional manner. They also were available to give us insight into how to best reach clients and supporters online. Since starting to work with DuoParadigms, we have seen an increase of clients who have found our Center online. DuoParadigms has helped the Center for Pregnancy make it into the 21st Century, where our clients have been waiting for us to join them!”

I love what Jonelle quoted when she said: “faith without works is dead.” So many times we hear about a need, or even witness a need, but do not actually take the steps to do something about it. The Center for Pregnancy provides a informational and loving environment to families that are in need.

Please join them in this new year to continue the good work they have started. I encourage you to make a donation towards diapers, wipes, or other large needs by contacting the Center for Pregnancy at I would personally like to thank you in advance for taking part in changing these families’ lives.

If you have any questions or if you would like more information on the Center for Pregnancy, please feel free to visit their website at

Marybeth Ray comes to DuoParadigms with over five years of design experience. Upon graduating with her Graphic Design degree, she worked with a sports marketing company with clients ranging from SeaWorld to Nascar. She also enjoys providing pro bono design work to the missionaries and non-profits she supports in her free time. It is a privilege to now be working with DuoParadigms and their clients and to be using God-given talents to help Christian businesses and ministries!

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