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Recently I attended JAARS Day at the JAARS Center in North Carolina.

If you aren’t familiar with JAARS (originally known as Jungle Aviation and Radio Service), they provide practical support that makes Bible translation possible.

It was incredible to see how JAARS is using transportation, technology, media, and training to fulfill their mission:

“More than 600 million people speaking roughly 5,000 languages have little-to-no Scripture in a language they can fully understand—their mother tongue, or heart language. And when they can’t understand what they read or hear, the life transforming power of the Gospel is stopped in its tracks. We’re here to do something about that.”

What makes having the Bible in a “heart language” so important? I appreciated this wise insight from Eastern European Mission:

“They say you need to read the Word of God in the language of your heart—the language in which your mother used to sing you lullabies, in which your father imparted his gentle instruction, and in which your grandparents showed you their loving care and affection. Only in this language can you ever truly relate to the story of God’s love for humankind and His unending grace.”

While many of our organizations reach people who commonly speak English or Spanish as their native languages, people also have an unwritten language of their emotional hearts.

Are you genuinely learning and embracing the heart language of those you serve? Can you recognize the heart behind their need?

When you sell someone a new roof, it’s about more than cases of shingles. They need you to protect their family and provide safety that will endure for decades.

When you assist a woman who is undecided about giving birth to her unborn child, it’s about more than being pro-life. She needs to feel Christ’s genuine love, compassion, and your willingness to help her and her baby thrive.

When you use your skills to help someone design the interior of their house, it’s about more than picking out artwork for the walls. You are helping them create a beautiful home, a place of rest and refreshment, where they can enjoy making special memories with family and friends.

Once you discover and learn to speak the language of their heart, you’ll be uniquely positioned to help make a lasting difference in their lives.

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