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Recently we took a look at the men whose lives have encouraged and inspired me. Next, I’m excited to introduce you to eight women who have made an impact on my life.

Once again, this is my list, so yours will be different.

Elisabeth Elliot

Her husband Jim made our list last week and the book I recommended on his life was penned by Elisabeth. To learn more about her unique personal journey, check out these two books I’m grateful to have on my bookshelf, Passion and Purity and The Shaping of a Christian Family.

Lilias Trotter

Our generation is slowly becoming re-introduced to Lillias Trotter, but at one point, she was one of England’s up-and-coming artists. Yet fame and fortune didn’t deter her from her Savior, as told in the fabulous documentary Many Beautiful Things.

Isobel Kuhn

I only recently discovered Isobel Kuhn in the past few years, but I so appreciate her honesty, transparency, humor, and her selfless sacrifice for our Lord. Don’t miss reading her autobiography By Searching.

Corrie ten Boom

It’s impossible to sum up Corrie ten Boom’s life and the legacy that she left behind. You can read her incredible story of rescuing Jews and her suffering at the hands of the Nazis during World War II in her book, The Hiding Place.

Gertrude Chambers

Many people don’t know that Oswald Chambers didn’t actually write his eponymous book My Utmost for His Highest, but that his wife Biddy spent years compiling and editing his lecture talks to create this devotional. Check out Abandoned to God (which I also mentioned on my men’s list) and Michele Ule’s Mrs. Oswald Chambers.


Martha and I have so much in common. I’m thankful for her life being mentioned in the Bible, and the tender care that Jesus showed his precious, oft-distracted friend. Check out Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World to learn more about her and how we can transition to resting in Jesus.

Amy Carmichael

The work that God started in India through the sacrifice of Amy Carmichael is still continuing. Although she is known for founding the Dohnavur community, Amy Carmichael’s life and writings have touched many. Learn more about her in another one of Elisabeth Elliot’s books called A Chance to Die.

Gladys Aylward

If all you know about this daring little woman is from the movie The Inn of Sixth Happiness, you are missing out! You can learn about her courage, her faith, and her adventures in China in her autobiography, The Little Woman.

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