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Five Ways to Make Your Website’s Graphics Stand Out

By June 28, 2013January 21st, 2014No Comments

STAND OUTPart of the appeal the World Wide Web is its visual nature. Other Internet protocols can deliver text information effectively, but the World Wide Web was the first major protocol that could deliver graphic seamlessly. As a result, it is important to have effective graphics on your website; here are a few tips for accomplishing this goal.

1. Focus on Simplicity

Although it might be counter-intuitive, simple websites often have more visual appeal than complex websites. Website design is moving towards minimalist design trends, and removing graphical elements may make a website stand out. Strong design does not have to be flashy, and avoiding excessive graphics can help.

2. Vector Graphics

Most people rely on Photoshop and similar programs for creating graphical elements. However, many website elements are better done using vector graphics programs. Those who wish to create their own graphics may wish to investigate Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape and similar programs.

3. Hire an Expert

Not everyone has the budget necessary to hire a graphic artist, but there are people who can help on all budgets. By asking someone with website experience to look at your website and offer feedback, you can get the guidance you need to make your website stand out. For a custom quote from DuoParadigms, contact us today!

4. Don’t Forget Mobile Devices

Increasingly, people are turning to mobile devices to access the Internet. Because of this, designers can no longer assume that websites will be accessed from devices with 13-inch screens. There are numerous techniques for making your website look great on mobile devices; responsive web design, however, is widely considered to be the most effective.

5. Ask for Feedback

While developing your website, you may wish to ask for feedback from friends, family members and other contacts. You may also wish to ask for input on social media. This feedback is crucial for fixing any flaws in your design, and feedback may help you determine essential components for your website.


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