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Great DIYs with Leftover Packing Paper

By July 3, 2013January 21st, 2014No Comments

brown paperDo you remember the thrill you got as a child when there was a package for you in the mail? You can relive that excitement with these great ideas of what to do with the extra packing paper in those packages!

1. Garland

Use a paper punch to cut out shapes (hearts, flowers, circles…) and feed them through the sewing machine to make these garlands that are so cute!

2. Brown Paper Flowers

Cut flower shapes in various sizes, crease or roll the edges and glue them in the center from largest to smallest. There you have it, beautiful decorations for any event. Here is a great how-to!

3. Rolled-Paper Vases

Cut long strips of paper and twist as you glue onto a dollar store vase. Check out this tutorial!

4. Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings…

Use a rubber stamp and make your own wrapping paper! You can also leave it plain and decorate with ribbons.

5. Vines and Palm Trees

Need decorations for a jungle themed party or Vacation Bible School? Twist up long sections of leftover paper, add some spray paint, leaves, and flowers, then hang from the ceiling. If you want palm trees, cut long pointed ovals and notch the edges. Wad them up and spread them flat again to give them a “weathered” look, then add a little green spray paint. Taped on to an open umbrella and placed into a large cardboard tube (that has been wrapped in brown paper), these make great jungles or desert oases!


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