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What We’ve Tried on Pinterest: Burlap Wreath

By September 13, 2013No Comments

Have you ever wondered if a craft or DIY pin on Pinterest really can work for us normal people? Or if that popular recipe really ends up looking that delicious or actually can be made in 30 minutes? Wonder no longer! We’re starting a new on-going series at DuoParadigms where we give you our take on some of the most popular pins on Pinterest.

SO I wanted to make a burlap wreath. They look cute for any season. They look simple to make. What’s not to like?

I looked on Pinterest and there were too many pins and different tutorials that I just looked through a few and thought about the way that I wanted to do it and skipped the step-by-step directions!

Burlap wreath 083

Since then, I have found a pin from Texas Cottage Blog, showing the way that I ended up making my wreath which worked great for me.

Hope you enjoy!

image source: Texas Cottage Blog

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