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Are You Working for God or Is God Using You?

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Are you working for God or is God using you? On the surface these sound like similar things. But deep down in the crux of the matter, they could not be more different.

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God doesn’t want to use a quarter of you. God doesn’t want to use half of you. He doesn’t even want to use three quarters of you. God only wants to use all of you. And until He can use all of you, He can’t use any of you.

Oh, but do we beg to differ. We recite lists of all the ways we are impacting the world for Christ. If you’re like me, you teach Sunday School, organize Vacation Bible School, and even your work is involved in ministry. But recently, I’ve had to examine my heart and discover the why behind what I do. Yes, I’ve had a degree of success in my work for God.

But the qualifying word here is “degree”.

We’ve done some. But it has been us trying to work for God vs. God using us because we’re attempting to accomplish impossible tasks in our own strength. We’re human. We get tired. We get discouraged. We grow weary. We get depressed when we don’t see results, because we’re results-oriented, right? And when we do the work, we want to see results.

But that’s not how the Christian life works.

Results-oriented Christianity is ridiculous, because we’re not the ones doing the work to begin with. And besides, God sees all, deep down into the hearts of man, and the bigger picture that we cannot see. Our job isn’t to analyze results. Our job is to allow God to use us, however He sees fit.

You and I will never reach our full potential for Christ until we stop working for Him.

We have to let go of our own plans for service and ministry, and instead completely surrender and turn the reins of control over to Him. Many of us, myself included, have gone to God with one palm open and one fist shut. We “let” God work with half of us, while still hanging on to a final frontier in the other half.

So how do you break the cycle of working for God, and instead move into the heavenly heights of being used by Him?


Give God freedom to control what you’ve been hanging onto. God is wanting to use you. He is waiting to use you.

Open your fist.

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