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What We’ve Tried on Pinterest: Peek-a-boo Pumpkin Pound Cake (From Scratch)

By October 7, 2013January 21st, 2014No Comments

Have you ever wondered if a craft or DIY pin on Pinterest really can work for us normal people? Or if that popular recipe really ends up looking that delicious or actually can be made in 30 minutes? Wonder no longer! We’ve started an on-going series at DuoParadigms where we give you our take on some of the most popular pins on Pinterest.

I know we have mentioned this around here a few times, but FALL IS COMING!!!! Wait, it’s here already?!? Why doesn’t it feel like fall yet? Oh yeah, I live in Texas.

That being said, you will understand when I tell you that I got the longing for some pumpkin flavored baking the other day. I saw this recipe pinned on Pinterest back in January (I was in Albania and could not make it then) and knew I had to try it. I only saw the picture when I pinned it, but when I felt that slight, probably imaginary, nip in the air the other day I know that this was the recipe for me!

When I opened up the pin I realized that all it called for were two mixes, a pound cake mix and a pumpkin bread mix. I was disappointed. If I shared that with my friends I would lose my reputation as a “from scratch” cook. I knew I already had a delicious pound cake recipe (I did make this one while I was in Albania, using what they call “ful,” a type of Greek yoghurt with the consistency of Crisco, in place of the cream cheese).

So now all I needed was a great pumpkin bread recipe. After a brief search on Google, I found this one. It looked good and used ingredients that I already had. I put the two together and, voila!


My Peek-a-boo Pumpkin Pound Cake was delicious. My family liked it so much that my little brother will be entering it in the Harris County Fair next week!

One change that we will be making will be to add more spice to the pumpkin bread. The recipe just calls for nutmeg, so next time I will also add cinnamon and cloves. Using these two recipes, there was enough batter for two loaves.

However, I didn’t double the icing recipe and still had people tell me that there was too much of it. Next time I will make it thinner and use it as a drizzle instead of an icing. I did like the browned butter in the icing, and just to let you know, it is easier to brown butter in a skillet than in a pot. The wide bottom of a skillet will allow the butter to heat more evenly. I learned that the hard way.

I hope that you enjoy this great idea and the recipes that I used to make it happen!

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