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Have you ever gotten a really bad hair cut? If you haven’t, consider yourself blessed. It goes without saying that a major comfort in most women’s’ lives is discovering a good hair stylist.

For years of my “big-haired” life, I got my hair cut by an older woman who always cut my hair the same way: my bangs were cut straight across my forehead, and my bob was trimmed. Looking back, I have laughingly realized that these were not the best hair days of my life.

Then I met Amanda. Amanda was able to look at my hair, know just what it needed, incorporate what I wanted, and come up with just the perfect hairstyle for my big, curly locks.

You know, developing the perfect logo is a lot like the process I went through to find the perfect hairstyle! Any run-of-the-mill designer can whip up a design but a true professional will know how to craft a killer logo.
4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Professionally Designed Logo
So, why are logos so important? Your logo is your visible mark on the world. It’s the image that comes to immediately to mind when someone thinks of your product or service. Your logo is an incredibly powerful first impression-maker, and it should evoke feelings and emotions that you want your company to represent.

Here are four reasons why you should invest in a professionally designed logo.

A professional graphic designer will give you a design worthy of a professional.

Now, that sweet, old lady who cut my hair for years was getting the job done! My hairs were cut, and even somewhat styled. But there is a reason why she only charged ten bucks!

The old saying rings true: you get what you pay for. “If you want something that looks amateur, hire an amateur. If you want something that looks professional, you hire a professional.”

Invest in a skilled designer and you’ll get a top-quality logo.

A professional graphic designer will give you the right formats for your projects.

You are going to need a variety of file types for your logo to be used in different settings: a .PNG, a .JPG, a .PDF, and an .EPS.

Hiring a professional guarantees that you will have the right formats available for your use. Don’t get caught with a logo that you can’t use for half of your marketing projects! Make sure you get what you need so you’ll have the right file type for every project format available.

A professional graphic designer stays current with the latest design trends.

A professional designer will keep up with current design trends, and will know how to help you aesthetically position your brand in the forefront of your market.

A professional graphic designer will help you communicate your organization’s vision and heart.

Returning to the haircut analogy, a good haircut gives you feelings of self confidence and a boost of positivity! A good logo does the same.

A professional logo designer will create a design that not only pleases the eye, but captures the vision and heart behind your company.

Don’t settle for a bad haircut, and don’t settle for a bad logo design. Invest in a professional design that will make your company stand out! Request a quote from DuoParadigms to get started today!

Marybeth Ray comes to DuoParadigms with over five years of design experience. Upon graduating with her Graphic Design degree, she worked with a sports marketing company with clients ranging from SeaWorld to Nascar. She also enjoys providing pro bono design work to the missionaries and non-profits she supports in her free time. It is a privilege to now be working with DuoParadigms and their clients and to be using God-given talents to help Christian businesses and ministries!

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