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Is your organization making some of these costly—and common—mistakes on your Facebook page?

Mistake #1: Not communicating the heart behind your organization

People aren’t always attracted to what you do, but rather the why behind it. Use Facebook to clearly communicate to your target audience your heart and your purpose.

Mistake #2: Not posting valuable and share-worthy content

Your followers will only repost or share content that is valuable to them. Again, consider your target audience. Will they think your post is valuable enough to share?

Mistake #3: Not reaching your followers when they’re online

Certain times of the day are more effective for posting. Working people tend to go online in the early evening or on weekends. If you are posting in the daytime, try posting right around the lunch hour so you can catch people scrolling through their feeds on their lunch break. You can also use your Facebook Insights to discover when your followers are online.

Mistake #4: Not having an organized social media plan

Do you only post sporadically? Your followers expect regular posts. Try using an online app such as Buffer or the native Facebook scheduler to schedule your content and maximize your time.

Mistake #5: Not using the Facebook Pixel

If you are running Facebook ads without using the Facebook Pixel, you are literally throwing money away. Without the Facebook pixel, you cannot accurately analyze your conversions and see how much return you are getting on your investment.

Mistake #6: Not abiding by Facebook’s ad guidelines

Did you know that using the word “you” in an ad can sometimes violate Facebook’s guidelines? According to the Personal Attributes section of Facebook’s advertising policy, “text referencing or alluding to personal attributes or characteristics of the targeted group or individual” is not allowed. This can cause your account to be banned.

Mistake #7: Not diversifying your social media & lead capturing platforms

What would happen if your Facebook page was banned tomorrow? If this would cause your lead capturing to cease overnight, you have too many eggs in Facebook’s basket. We’ve had a client’s Facebook ad account temporarily banned in the middle of a major campaign due to a Facebook error, but because the client had diversified, the event’s launch was still successful.

Mistake #8: Not taking time to become educated in the best social media practices

The difference between an amateur and an educated Facebook user is greater reach and engagement. Contact us to learn more about the latest social media trends and how your organization can broaden your reach online.

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