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My soul needed a tune-up a few days ago.

Perhaps you’ve felt this way before, too.

Maybe you’ve been running around at full speed. You’ve put thousands of physical, emotional, and spiritual miles on your soul’s odometer. You’ve managed to sustain the pace, but some weird things have started happening.

You are starting to feel off-kilter and out of tune. Your brakes have been squealing. Your oil is no longer fresh. Your tell-tale gas light is on, warning that you are approaching empty. You’ve been getting reminders from your heavenly mechanic that it’s time for you to stop long enough for Him to go to work.

My friend, if this sounds like you—-and it was me this past week—-it’s time for you to spend time in the shop and get fresh oil.

Like our cars need regular tune-ups, our souls need them, too.

But we try to go a few more miles before we have to make a trip to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. We also try to eke out a few more miles before stopping to let God give us a good tune-up.

Any good mechanic will tell you that old oil can ruin your engine. A lack of fresh oil in our soul does far greater damage.

Like I have to take my car to the shop, I have to bring my soul to the shop.

For me, it usually involves a day of hitting pause and spending time with the Lord. It’s a day where God can hit the reset button on my soul and bring me back to Him.

Your trip to your heavenly mechanic might look different. God wired each of us uniquely, but we all need to take time for Him to reset us and fill us with fresh oil.

On my reset day last week the words of the old hymn Take Time to Be Holy came to mind. I was curious about its history, so I did a bit of Google sleuthing.

I was surprised to discover that the hymn’s author wasn’t a pastor. Or a missionary.

William Longstaff was a businessman.

Pastors and missionaries aren’t the only ones who can be used by God.

God wants to use plumbers as much as He wants to use preachers.

All God needs is a vessel willing to be filled with fresh oil by Him.

God, please fill us up so full of you that there is no room for anything else.

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Aaress Lawless

Aaress enjoys helping small businesses and ministries, having budget travel adventures with friends, and blogging about life lessons on Instagram.

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