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I sabotaged my own productivity last week.

It seemed like such a little thing, setting my alarm for one hour later in the morning. Who knew that 60 minutes could make such a difference?

Instead of being productive or well-rested, I spent my days distracted, rushed, and anxious.

It’s ironic how skimping on the little things in life often comes back to haunt us.

Things like one extra hour of snoozing. Or one candy bar that isn’t on the diet. Or one missed week away from the gym. Or one skipped day of spending time with the Lord.

Unfortunately, once we start excusing something, it gets so much easier to excuse it again. And again. And again.

Then we reap the snowball effect.

But once we discover where we went off track, it’s easier to get back on the rails and make wise choices.

This week, I want to start fresh by moving my alarm back to its normal time.

Sacrificing little things can be tough. But without those sacrifices, we often end up sacrificing so much more.

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Aaress Lawless

Aaress enjoys helping small businesses and ministries, having budget travel adventures with friends, and blogging about life lessons on Instagram.

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