What Comes Next? Blog

What Comes Next?

Your presentation gave you a spot on someone's calendar for an hour. But your follow-up and how successfully you answer "what comes next" gives you…
Aaress Lawless
September 13, 2018
Losing a Mentor Blog

Losing a Mentor

I lost a dear family friend of 25 years unexpectedly on Sunday afternoon. "Mr. Wonderful" was one of his nicknames and he wasn't just a…
Aaress Lawless
May 1, 2018
fire Blog

Kindle a Fire

Oswald Chambers spent his short life kindling tiny flames around the world. But when his journey ended in the desert after just six years of…
Aaress Lawless
April 24, 2018
re-entry Blog


I love to travel, but for me, the hardest part is getting back in the groove after a trip. So as I work on-board another…
Aaress Lawless
April 17, 2018