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Kindle a Fire

Oswald Chambers spent his short life kindling tiny flames around the world. But when his journey ended in the desert after just six years of…
Aaress Lawless
April 24, 2018


I love to travel, but for me, the hardest part is getting back in the groove after a trip. So as I work on-board another…
Aaress Lawless
April 17, 2018
Heart LanguagesBlog

Heart Languages

Recently I attended JAARS Day at the JAARS Center in North Carolina. If you aren't familiar with JAARS (originally known as Jungle Aviation and Radio…
Aaress Lawless
March 19, 2018
City StreetsBlog

Missed Opportunities

Recently I worked on a fun personal project that included printing travel activities for kids. As I searched and downloaded, I began to notice an…
Aaress Lawless
March 19, 2018